Global Prayer - Supplemental Courses
Supplemental Courses
BIBLE PROPHECY: An in-depth study of Biblical prophecy. The Introductory Unit explains what prophecy is, how God commissioned His prophets, the source, purpose, and importance of biblical prophecy, and keys for understanding the prophetical books. The remainder of the course is a detailed study of the New Testament book of Revelation. The Appendices include a Prophetic Fast Track with the most frequently asked questions about prophecy, special charts, and outlines on the Old Testament prophetic books. (Our gratitude to Dr. Morris Cerullo for his teaching on Revelation which was used in the preparation of this course.)


BATTLE FOR THE BODY: This course makes a careful evaluation of the strategies available to win the war against Satan in the battle for your body. You will learn to do battle for your physical body by claiming the healing and deliverance that is rightfully yours and by ministering these truths to other wounded warriors in God's army.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO: What do you do when you don't know what to do--when you face a circumstance for which there seems to be no answer? 2 Chronicles 20 records the story of a man who faced such a dilemma when a formidable enemy army was rapidly advancing to invade his nation. Jehoshaphat's story begins with confusion but ends in conquest because he learned what to do when he didn't know what to do--and so can you! Once you master the strategies revealed in this Biblical account, you can apply them to your own difficult and perplexing circumstances.

INTERCESSORY PRAYER:  An intercessory prayer guide that includes guidelines on how to pray, what to pray for, when not to pray, resources for prayer, international intercession, and factors that hinder prayer.

ALTAR COUNSELOR'S GUIDE:  This guide will help you minister as a counselor in church and crusade services. You will learn how to minister to those seeking salvation, the Baptism on the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance, and those wanting to make a special commitment to God. Pastors and Evangelists: This is a great guide for training altar workers for your services.

SHATTERING THE SHACKLES OF SHAME: Did you know that Jesus not only died for your sins, He died for your shame? If he bore it, you no longer need to bear it. This powerful study provides steps to free you from inherited, individual, imposed, institutional, and incessant shame.

PRISON MINISTRY: A training guide for jail and prison ministries, this manual provides instruction for every level of involvement: Corresponding with an inmate, visiting one-on-one, ministering in group services, assisting inmate's families, and providing post-prison ministry upon an inmate's release

Women A Biblical Profile:  This course summarizes all the Bible teaches regarding women. It is not only as a study guide, but a reference tool as it lists all the passages about women and references to all the individual women mentioned in the Word of God.

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