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Global Prayer Ministries & The Pentecostal Assemblies of Vietnam (PAOV)

Open Door for the Church After the Communist takeover in 1979, Christian churches were outlawed, destroyed and confiscated; forcing pastors to flee to the West. Those who stayed were persecuted, or jailed for their faith, and the church was driven underground. In 1988 God sent a spiritual outpouring. The House Church Movement grew exponentially and leaders emerged despite the persecution. A conservative estimate today, places Pentecostal and charismatic believers at 2.5 million in a nation of 97 million.

In December 2006, the Government granted Religious Freedom. It is now a ?KAIROS? season for the church and the church must be prepared by having leaders trained and ready to maximize the season. The task is not only to bring in the harvest, but to disciple the harvest and plant dynamic Pentecostal Church Centers throughout the country.

Our vision is to identify the next generation of key spiritual leaders and have them ready and positioned to seize the moment.

Pentecostal Assemblies of Vietnam (PAOV)

1. Rev. Bui Thanh Se, General Superintendent (PAOV),  2. His family  3. PAOV Logo

While still an underground church the PAOV, under the chairmanship of Rev. Bui Thanh Se, was established in July of 2006. It is the inheritor of The Pentecostal Gospel Relief Assemblies of Vietnam established by Rev. Liem Nguyen in 1972 which was destroyed in the revolution. Rev. Liem Nguyen was afterward jailed for 15 years for his faith. Now Rev. Se is regarded, by the government, as the spokesperson for the Pentecostals. He also, having been imprisoned for his faith is well known to the authorities.

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