Global Prayer - Module Two
Training laborers to fulfill the vision
FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH: This course stresses the importance of proper spiritual foundations for life and ministry by focusing on foundations of the Christian faith identified in Hebrews 6:l: Repentance, faith, baptism, laying on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment. (Course #II-l)
KINGDOM LIVING:  The "Gospel of the Kingdom" shall be preached in all the world before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:l4). Understanding of Kingdom principles is necessary if one is to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom. This course focuses on patterns and principles of Kingdom living applicable to life and ministry. (Course #II-2)

A MANUAL OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE:  This course moves participants beyond the natural world into the realm of the spirit. Tactics of the enemy are analyzed and strategies of spiritual warfare assuring victory over the principalities and powers of the spirit world are explained. (Course #II-3)

MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  This study focuses on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual fruit, and spiritual gifts. Students are guided in discovery of their own spiritual gifts and position of ministry in the Body of Christ. (Course #II-4)
KNOWING GOD'S VOICE:  This course explains how God speaks to men today and how to find His general and specific plans for life. A Christian model for decision making is presented, along with guidelines for overcoming wrong decisions, steps to take if you have missed the will of God, and methods for dealing with questionable practices. (Course #II-5)
CREATIVE BIBLE STUDY METHODS:  This course equips students for personal study of the Word of God after the conclusion of Institute training. Students learn how to study the Bible by book, chapter, paragraph, verse, and word. Other methods taught include biographical, devotional, theological, typological, and topical. Special guidelines for studying Bible poetry and prophecy are presented and students are taught methods of charting and outlining. (Course #II-6)
BASIC BIBLE SURVEY: This survey provides an overview of the entire Bible. Study outlines of each book of the Bible are provided for further development by the student. (Course #II-7)

Volume One: Introduction and Old Testament.
Volume Two:
New Testament.