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Based out of the book of Nehemiah, we are given an account of how one man became burdened for the City of Jerusalem. Because of it's broken down walls, Nehemiah touched God on behalf of the people. The story shows us how Nehemiah rebuilt the ruined city in just 52 days. Our mandate now is like that of Nehemiah to rebuild the walls that were torn down by the communist government back in the 1970's.


Pastoral Sponsorship Program:

Sponsored Family in Dong-Nai

Many of the pastors living in the mountains earn a meager wage of less than $0.20 cents an hour. This works out to be under $10.00 a week and if they lose time because of sickness or bad weather their pay is much less. Global Prayer Ministries has developed the Pastoral Sponsorship Fund for these pastors at $60.00 a month. This fund will encourage the pastor to spend more time in the local church focusing his time on evangelizing the village in which he lives. Our commitment is to provide support until the churches are in a position to take over the support themselves.  



Scholarship Funding:
Ordination Service at the first PAOV
National Conference July 2007
Many of the students are living under extreme poverty needing financial assistance to attend college. Global Prayer Ministries has put in place a scholarship program to assist the students with their tuition, meals & lodging while they are attending college preparing for ministry.



Sunday Moring Church Sercies
with Rev. Charles Crane from Global Prayer Ministries

School of Ministry:

Global Prayer recognizes that not all pastors are able to attend Bible School. We are offering Schools of Ministry for pastors and lay workers to better equip them in all areas of church management. In order for the pastors to attend the School of Ministry, we will have to cover their travel costs as well as their meals & lodging. The cost for us to host a School of Ministry could range anywhere from $10,000 up to $50,000 depending on the attendance and location of each School of Ministry.



Office Space and equipment/ workers:
Currently the offices for the leadership are located in the house churches which also serve as the pastor?s private home. As this is a brand new venture we are in need of everything required to set up the offices. At present we are in need of qualified employees, desks, computers, telephone system, office supplies and the list goes on, virtually everything that it takes to set up an office from scratch. As you can appreciate this work is so new that prior to last December there was no need for workers, however since the church began to organize the work load is growing greater by the day. Our prayer right now is that God will provide funding to put all this in place.
First MTI Board of Governors Meeting. Dec. 2007



Typical house church group

Church Planting:

The majority of the Christians still meet in house churches and it will probably remain that way for many years to come. However, with the rapid growth within the house churches there is a need for new churches. A recent statistic coming out of Asia claims that there are over 160 million Pentecostals and that number is growing rapidly. One pastor in Ho Chi Ming City told us that they were averaging 10 new converts per week. This was recently confirmed by an article released by Far East Broadcasting Company who reported after a census in nine churches last year, statistics stated that 3,443 people had accepted Christ and attended church regularly. What is so amazing is that even though the church was underground, over 75% of the Christians range in ages 40 and under. Because of the lack of finances many of these new churches will continue to worship in pastors homes. This would eliminate the need for raising funds to build new church buildings especially in the rural areas however in the urban areas the need to construct churches is very important.



Soul Wining
People Coming to Christ in a Christmas
outreach December 2007
The goal of the PAOV is to win as many souls for the kingdom that they can. Already plans are underway to send evangelist and missionaries into the neighbouring countries of Cambodia and Laos. With our support of equipping and financing they will be able to accomplish the goals that they set out to achieve.


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