Global Prayer - Psalms Expository Study
Psalms Expository Study
Daivd Biographical Study: The purpose of this biographical study is not only to acquaint you with the historical facts of David?s life, but to transform you into a man or woman after God?s own heart who, like David, can fulfill their God-given destiny in this generation.
Introduction Personalized Psalm:   Enables you to use the psalms in these and other Scriptural ways in personal and group devotions. Each psalm is edited in the first person, enabling you to converse directly with God in your worship experience. The title of each personalized psalm is a personal, positive declaration of prayer, praise, or power drawn from that specific psalm.
Peronalized Psalms:  In this study you will learn who you are in Christ so that you will be able to defeat the enemy when he tried to come against you. You will be encourage and strengthen as you discover 150 DECLARATIONS OF FAITH in the book of Psalms. We canpersonalize every chapter to help us on ourChristian journey

Selah:  Through examples of comparing scripture with scripture and noting a word's context, we can discover the true meaning of words. Since the Hebrew word ?calah? means to measure, as in weighing something in the balances, we can better understand the meaning of the word ?Selah? [celah], from which it is derived. We learn that ?Selah? means we should pause to carefully examine, measure, and value what has been said.

The Expository Study:  Jesus Christ is the central subject of the Psalms. In Luke 24:44, Jesus mentions the things written about Him in the Psalms. Psalms is a hymn book and a HIM book?it is all about Him!
Write your own Psalm:  Write you own testimony by recalling a time when you asked God for help and He answered you. How did you feel and how you've grown through the experience.

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